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Sip, Sample and Share

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women-drinking-coffeeLate last year, Organo Gold announced the new “Sip, Sample & Share” program and our incredibly valued customers have been reaping the benefits ever since!  It’s now even more convenient and much more rewarding to be an Organo Gold Exclusive Customer.

This program, which is also known as the Coffee Connoisseur, is an elite Coffee Club that awards our loyal customers for drinking and sharing our outstanding gourmet coffee and other products with their family and friends.

Customers have the option to sign up and get the products of their choice conveniently delivered to their home every month.  When they sample and share their coffee with others and those friends & family fall in love with our products too, they can also become part of the program and then the customer begins earning points for FREE PRODUCTS.  Just for simply telling someone else about the coffee they are already enjoying anyway!  Everyone wins!!

It doesn’t get much easier and more convenient to become one of our special coffee consumers.  If you’re interested in becoming an Organo GoldCoffee Connoisseur” and earn FREE COFFEE, Click Here to check out my OG website and then click on the “Coffee Connoisseur” side-tab to get the details.  Contact Me if you have any questions.

Contact me today to find out more about Organo Gold!

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Manny Pacquiao Joins Organo Gold

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manny-collageOrgano Gold is happy to announce an exciting new relationship with one of the greatest fighters in the history of professional boxing, Manny Pacquiao! The 10-time world champion and Number One Lifestyle Company (Organo Gold) have joined forces to form one of the most powerful and exciting collaborations in Network Marketing.

Pacquiao is a global icon who is revered for his work as both a world champion boxer and 2-term Congressman in the Philippines. As our CEO and Founder Bernardo Chua put it, “Manny Pacquiao personifies the OG generation, mission and lifestyle.”

While he is known globally for his work in the ring, it’s his generosity and grassroots work in the Filipino community that has made the biggest impact on his homeland. As an Ambassador for Habitat for Humanity, Pacquiao has paved the way for several humanitarian projects not only in Sarangani, but also in other depressed areas of the Philippines. With 38 career knockouts in the boxing ring, it’s his ambitious goal of knocking out poverty that may prove to be the most important fight of his career.

The Pac-Man, as he’s affectionately known, was recognized as The Fighter of the Decade from 2000-2010 and is the first and only boxer in history to win a world championship in 8 different weight classes. With a career record of 55 wins and 38 knockouts, it goes without saying that OG is very excited to be fighting alongside one of boxing’s most celebrated competitors.

On behalf of the entire OG Family, we’d like to welcome Manny Pacquiao to Organo Gold!

It’s plain to see that Organo Gold attracts the best of the best!

If you’re ready to be a part of this company and its incredible, important collaborations, Contact Me today and let’s get you started.

Contact me today to find out more about Organo Gold!

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OG Goes to Rome For Convention

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rome-conventionHistory was made this past weekend as Organo Gold hosted its first ever European Convention. Over 3,500 excited attendees from multiple countries packed the PalaLottomatica in the heart of the beautiful city of Rome to learn, network, and celebrate with Organo Gold’s top Leaders! The announcement of Organo Gold’s new Espresso product line and the welcoming of 10-time world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao were only two of the jaw-dropping announcements that you had to see to believe!

Organo Gold is making a tremendous positive impact all around the world and we are only getting started!  The time to jump into this very HOT business opportunity and make some history of your own is not now – BUT RIGHT NOW!!!  What are you waiting for?  I’m having such a blast with this business and this company and I’m taking people to the top with me.  Let’s go together.  Contact me today!

Contact me today to find out more about Organo Gold!

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Welcome to Portugal

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Organportugal-pico Gold is building one big, global, happy family and Portugal is the most recent country to be added to the ever-growing list.

As we continue to grow and expand, it’s a great feeling to know that I’m a part of something that’s immensely important to families all over the world.

Organo Gold never ceases to amaze me with their vision and now that we’re going into Year 6, I cannot wait to see what other countries we get to call family!!!

If you also want to be part of something EPIC and have the opportunity to make life-changing income, please contact me regarding joining us.  It will be an exciting ride I can promise you that!

Contact me today to find out more about Organo Gold!

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The Network Marketing Industry

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nwm-chartNetwork Marketing is one of the highest-grossing billion dollar industries in the world today!  As you can see from the illustration, it out-grosses the next billion dollar industry (organic products) by over 75 million dollars!  It does more annually than the NFL, as well as the Movie, Music and Video Gaming industries combined!

Network Marketing has produced more millionaires than any other industry in history.

Network Marketing (also known as Multi-Level Marketing) is currently one of the quickest-growing yet most misunderstood methods of moving products in existence.  If we were to break it down, the term “Marketing” means the act of moving a product from either a manufacturer or other provider to a consumer.

Traditional businesses use traditional advertising methods (television commercials, magazine and newspaper ads, online advertising, etc.) to let consumers know about their product in hopes that this exposure will cause those consumers to purchase their products, thus growing their business and making a profit.

The Network Marketing business model compensates people to expose and move their products which also grows their company, and helps them make a profit (these people are not employees of the company but represent the company as Independent Distributors).  “Multi” means more than one.  “Level” could be defined as “generation”.  It could be defined as “Multi-Generation” Marketing but Multi-Level Marketing (“MLM”) is the more common term that people use.

More and more colleges today are teaching this business model because it’s a legitimate and important way to earn an income as long as you’re with a reputable company with a stellar product line.  Network Marketing is giving people another option in a challenging job market because it can be very lucrative if a person is willing to learn the skills necessary and to work hard to succeed.

Organo Gold is one of the quickest-growing Network Marketing Industries in the world today and people are making life-changing incomes by marketing a delicious, healthy gourmet coffee!  If you are curious about what our very successful business model is about and how you might apply it to your life and earn a little or a LOT of extra cash flow, please contact me so we can set up an appointment to chat and see if would be a good fit for you and for us.  I am looking for some sharp people to add to my team!  Are you one of them?

Contact me today to find out more about Organo Gold!

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Organo Gold Holiday Gifts!

santa-coffeeWow, is it really almost year-end already? This year has flown by quicker than any of the other ones to date.  I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season.  How are you doing with your Holiday Shopping?  If you’ve got people on your list who have everything and you just don’t know what to get them OR if you know someone who drinks coffee, I have a solution for you!

Our top-quality, delicious, gourmet coffee is the perfect gift of Coffee and Health! It’s packaged beautifully and would be a classy gift for the coffee drinkers in your life.

You can order our products from the comfort of your laptop at my “Coffee Connoisseur” site.  The shipping rate is a flat $10.50 (whether you order one item or 50 items) so the more items ordered, the cheaper the “per item” shipping price is).  Also, read about getting on autoship or learn how you can get free coffee for referring others, click here.

Let me know if you have any questions and have a Coffeelicious Holiday Season!

Contact me today to find out more about Organo Gold!

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The Power of Residual Income

residual-income-picI talk a lot about residual income and why coffee is one of the most perfect products to be involved with if a person wants true residual income.  After having a conversation with a friend recently, and she asking me what I mean, exactly, by “residual income“, it occurred to me that the term “residual income” might be misunderstood by some.

She said she thought it meant the income a person has leftover after they pay all their monthly expenses – the money that can be spent on things a person doesn’t necessarily “need” but things that they “want”.  That is actually considered “expendable income” but I think people do get this confused sometimes.

Residual income“, which is also sometimes called passive or recurring income, is income that continues to generate as the result of an initial effort being done.  In other words, once the initial effort has been expended, the money keeps rolling in while you’re off somewhere doing “life“!

What most people are accustomed to is “linear” and “transactional” income (sometimes called a J-O-B).  This income is directly proportional to the number of hours invested in it.  For example, if you work a 40-hour week, you get 40 hours of pay.  If you don’t work, you don’t get paid (and you don’t have much control over the amount of money you get paid).  This can also be applied to a traditional business owner.  Let’s say, a chiropractor for instance.  If he doesn’t see patients, he doesn’t make an income.

However, one of the very exciting things about “residual income” is that once things are set in motion, you continue to make an income from your initial efforts! As a result, you gain time to devote to other things (such as spending time with family, traveling, sleeping, etc.)

So, what on earth does this have to do with Coffee?  People drink coffee every day (most of them 2-3 times per day).  Coffee is a habit and most people are not going to stop!  It’s America’s No. 1 legal addiction!  It’s not often you hear someone say “the economy is down so I think I’ll stop drinking coffee until it improves”.  No!  They will cut back on other things but they will find a way to have their coffee.  Coffee is NOT a luxury, it’s a necessity.  That’s why so many fast-food restaurants have jumped on the coffee bandwagon. Have you heard of McCafe? Of course you have. There’s a HUGE profit margin in the coffee business.

What more perfect product than COFFEE to build a residual income with? We get paid every time someone re-orders coffee! OVER AND OVER!  This is why we have people joining Organo Gold from ALL walks of life and from all over the WORLD. We have professionals who are already very successful financially because they understand the “residual income” concept and want to add it to their earning portfolio.  We have MILLIONAIRES joining Organo Gold!   Do they need the money? NO, but again it’s the “residual income” power that they understand.

Remember SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES!  Coffee is a residual-income making machine! Ask me today about how you can start your own machine in motion!

Contact me today to find out more about Organo Gold!

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