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holton-picWhen I joined Organo Gold, I understood that quality leadership was crucial for a young company to have a solid foundation for a successful long-term future.  I believe that Organo Gold has some of the best and most knowledgeable leadership available today.  Mr. Holton Buggs is the Vice President of Sales and has an extensive background in Network Marketing.  He is one of the TOP INCOME EARNERS in the Network Marketing Industry world-wide!  He is a true visionary and has very big plans to get Organo Gold open in approximately 80+ countries in the world.

Here’s a short interview with Mr. Buggs which was featured in “Success From Home” Magazine several months ago.

SFHThe coffee industry has exploded in the past few years, so how has Organo Gold been able to thrive with so much competition?

HBOrgano Gold thrives on simplicity.  Our system is designed so that the new distributor with no experience can have success.  The foundation of our business model is acquiring and retaining wholesale and retail customers.  The two most important parts of this process are the 4 Questions and the 4 Steps to Success. The 4 Questions is a rejection-free process of giving a free sample to become retail customers, and one out of every five to become a distributor.  Many of our distributors are successful using this approach.  The 4 Steps to Success is designed to train those who become distributors to develop into business leaders and teach the same process to others.

SFHHow natural has it been for Organo Gold to expand and grow internationally with a product that is so widely consumed ? 

HB:  Expansion for Organo Gold has been a fun experience. Most companies target areas in which they believe their product will thrive.  Organo Gold has been able to expand internationally through its top leadership.  Coffee is so universal that we never are concerned about market acceptance. Organo Gold has one of the most culturally diverse environments in the direct sales industry. Through the eyes of our distributors, the world is our marketplace.

SFHWhat can new distributors expect when they start their own Organo Gold business?  What kind of support will they receive? 

HB:  A new distributor who joins Organo Gold can expect a variety of support systems:

  1. A caring corporate team.
  2. A training team and system provided by Organo Gold University.
  3. A corporate leadership team that has a global vision and insight into the next 20 years.

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  1. I love organo gold coffee. Does anyone know of where I can get some?

  2. Surely You gonna love this opportunity to became millionaire .Yes! it’s true only Organo Gold Coffee provides this opportunity to you.

  3. i have had it recently. It surely is good.
    Thanks for visiting my blog:
    many blessings

    • You’ve had the coffee? That’s awesome :-) And I will revisit your blog again. I really like your content. I can tell you love God and we have that in common!

      • Yes I have. A representative was inviting me to become an agent and stuff. So i got a sample. It was really, really good. I only drink French Vanilla in coffee so to see I had the Gold (and liked it) was surprising for me.
        Oh yes I do loooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee Jesus! Good to find a fellow Jesus lover – True ones are kinda rare these days. many blessings! :-)

      • ….And thanks very much for visiting my blog. Please come back and comment any time. Would love to have you over. many blessings :)

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